The Giles County Historical site includes 4 buildings: 1829 Andrew Johnston House Museum, 1857 Doctor’s Office Museum, a 2 story museum of Giles County History, and a genealogy research office.

In 1987, the Andrew Johnston family heirs deeded the family home built in 1829, a small building built in 1857 which served as a doctor’s office, and a modern two-car garage to the Giles County Historical Society. The family lived at the site until 1986 so changes were made to accommodate changes in style and personal comfort including radiator heat, some oak floors over the original wide pine, and the 1940s kitchen upgrade.

The property was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and an endowment fund was established to restore and preserve the property as a museum.

The Historical Museum opened in October 1997 to house the many items of historical interest that present and former county residents had donated.

The two car garage was transformed into a Research Room with documents of interest to Giles County historians and genealogists.