The Stanley Museum tells many stories; of the Stanley Steamer automobile 1897-1924; of the airbrush invented by F.E. Stanley in 1876; of the Stanleys’ photography connections, 1878-1904; the source of Stanley wealth; of the remarkable sister, Chansonetta, one of the country’s most cherished photographers.

Established in 1981, the Stanley Museum in Kingfield, Maine, is located in the beautiful Georgian-style Stanley School built in 1903. Kingfield is the birthplace of the Stanley’s — important to note because the steam car for which they’re most often remembered was built in Watertown, Massachusetts.

The Museum commemorates and preserves the heritage of Stanley family genius. The famous “Stanley Steamer” automobile was invented by Francis Edgar Stanley and manufactured by him and his twin brother, usually referred to as the Stanley twins, F.E. and F.O. The sister, Chansonetta, is equally important for her photographs depicting rural turn-of-the-century American life.