The West End Museum is a neighborhood museum dedicated to the collection, preservation and interpretation of the history and culture of the West End of Boston.

The Museum acknowledges its role as an educational institution and a trustee of significant material culture. The West End Museum fulfills its mission by providing exhibits to the public on a regular basis, by providing access to its collections for research, by providing a resource to the West End Neighborhood for historical and cultural interests.

It involves the public in its mission through outreach programming, neighborhood events, and educational programming in the school systems, thereby increasing and sustaining the public’s appreciation of an important American urban neighborhood from the seventeenth century to the present time.

The museum consists of three exhibition areas and an archives. They also host regular programming. The permanent exhibit “The Last Tenement”, designed by the Bostonian Society in 1992 and relocated to the West End Museum in 2003, is housed in its own dedicated 1,100-square-foot space. The large exhibition space mounts three revolving shows per year. Shows have included: “The Middlesex Canal: Boston’s First Big Dig” and “Leaving the River.”

The Members Gallery adjacent to the administrative offices mounts 6 revolving shows each year. Past shows in this space include: West End photographs from the archives of the Bostonian Society, “The Boston Canal”, which was an extension of the Middlesex Canal through Causeway Street in the Bulfinch Triangle to Haymarket Square, and “Twenty Five Years of the West Ender Newsletter.”